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Lesson Plan #: AELP-RDG0049
Submitted by: Nicole Power
Email: nicpower@webzone.net
School/University/Affiliation: Earl Harris Elementary, Bethany, OK Date: June 7, 2000

Grade Level(s): 1, 2


  • Language Arts/Reading

Duration: Two 30-minute sessions Description: Introduction to prediction skills

Goals: Strengthen prediction skills, listening, and recall

1. Student will learn an accurate definition of prediction
2. Student will accurately predict events in the story.
3. Student will recognize the word Suddenly! indicates an event in the story is about to happen


  • Suddenly! by Colin McNaughton 1994
  • drawing/writing paper
  • crayons/colored pencils
  • pencils

Procedure: Anticipatory set: (interpersonal, verbal)
The teacher will ask students what comes to mind when they think of pigs and wolves. The teacher will make a word map of student responses on the board. Next, ask students if they can tell you what it means to predict something. Accept all responses at this time. Explain that prediction is a good guess about what is going to happen next in a story. Tell the students that they will be predicting what will happen in a story about a pig and a wolf.

Procedure: (verbal, social, visual, kinesthetic, logical)
Show the students the cover of the book. Ask the students to make a prediction, or a good guess, about what will happen in the book.

Begin reading the book and showing the pictures. Stop at the word Suddenly!. Ask the students:

1. What do you predict will happen?
2. What clues helped you decide (student prediction) would happen?
Guide the students to realize this author uses the word Suddenly! to tell the reader that something is about to happen. Show the students the next page.
3. Is this what you predicted would happen?

Continue through the story emphasizing the word Suddenly! and asking for predictions. Stop reading the book right before the ending. Tell the students to draw a picture of who they predict the person in the shadows will be. Then tell them to write 1-2 sentences about why they predicted this ending.

Have the students share their drawings and predictions with the class. Finally, read the ending of the story. Discuss what clues would lead you to accurately predict the ending of the story.

1. Student will give an accurate definition of prediction
2. Student will recognize the word Suddenly! is a clue that something important is about to happen in the story.
3. Student will provide acceptable prediction for the ending of the story.