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Lesson Plan #: AELP-LIT0037
Submitted by: Rosemarie Fairman
Email: rfairman@beaumontschool.org
School/University/Affiliation: Beaumont School, Cleveland Hts., Ohio Date: March 4, 2000

Grade Level(s): 9


  • Language Arts/Literature

Duration: 45 minutes Description: After the students have read the play, this activity will extend their understanding of plot. The students will develop a timeline that presents the action of the play according to the DAY on which it occurred and assist each other in reviewing the action of the play. This is a group activity. It is most effective in groups of 4 students. The group to have the correct beginning and ending day, and the correct placement of the climax, is the presenting group.

Goals: The students appreciate the use of time in a play. The passage of time in a story can weaken or strengthen the effect of an action.

Objectives: The students will work cooperatively in producing a timeline. The students will assist each other in this PLOT REVIEW, which will prepare them for the test. The students will gain evidence to support the Theme of Haste in Romeo and Juliet in an essay response.

Materials: Each group needs a paper for their group notes.


1. Students are placed in groups of 4. Normal group rules apply (designation of leader, recorder, etc.)

2. Students will be told to find the reference to a specific day of the week on which one action took place. Then they must build the action of the play forward and backward according to references of morning and evening.

3. The teacher circulates attending to student progress. (*It is helpful to have some extra cards on which the days of the week are already printed, key incidents can already be prepared. A timeline for posting and/or writing results should be ready. Since my room contains white boards, I placed a green yarn for the plot line on the board with Romeo and Juliet pictures over the turning point. The days of the week were ready for the students to arrange. Students used both the cards I had prepared and the markers to build the time line.)

4. The group to have the starting time, ending time, climax time correct building the timeline (and receives bonus points).

5. The sequence is reviewed with reference made to the theme of “haste”. How long had Romeo and Juliet known each other? How long did Friar Laurence wait before marrying them? Did Romeo have time to tell anyone about his marriage? Why? Why not? Did Juliet have time to plan an escape other than what the Friar offered? Why? Why not?

Assessment: Students will demonstrate:

  • Cooperative learning skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • An understanding of the play on a test.