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Lesson Plan #: AELP-LIT0033
Submitted by: Joseph M. Kush
Email: jmkst84+@pitt.edu
School/University/Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown PA
Date: January 31, 2000

Grade Level(s): 10, 11, 12


  • Language Arts/Literature

Duration: 40-50 minutes Description: Introduction to Shakespeare’s A Mid Summer Night’s Dream using information technology and common sense. The relevance of Shakespeare in modern society is stressed in both his works and the implementation of the Globe Theater.

Goals: Students will

1. develop an appreciation for the style and themes of Shakespeare.
2. recognize the form of Elizabethan Drama.

Objectives: By the end of this lesson the students will be able to:

1. appraise the layout of the Globe Theater.
2. paraphrase Act I of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream
3. identify the main characters and events in Act I.


  • Text version of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream from students literature book and a Braille version
  • Use of a computer lab (all terminals are linked to the internet)
  • Transparency
  • Survey

Procedure: a. attention-getter Time: 10 Min Show on the overhead projector the Survey transparency.
Have the students write the answers in their class notebook. This will help them find their personal perspective on this lesson.
After the students are done, let them volunteer answers to their questions.
Ask for multiple answers to the questions from all types of students.
Discuss any questions that may arise. A Braille copy will be made available to the blind student.

b. Time: 15 Min Using the Internet on the six computers, the students will navigate a site containing information on the Globe Theater and they will participate in a virtual tour of the theater at: http://virtual.clemson.edu/caah/Shakespr/VRGLOBE/index.htm I will point out the major facts and structures of the theater per the Internet source. Then we will take a virtual tour of the reconstructed Globe Theater noting the designs and structures that are common in current buildings. (This proves the relevance that the theater’s design has on modern buildings that the students are familiar with.)
For the blind student in the class I will have the important information on Braille for her to read.
Next, give the students the site address at the end of class so they can explore the site at their leisure either at home, in the computer lab, or in the library.

c. Time 5 Min Explain to the students to write all of the names of the characters down in their notebooks as they appear in the play. After they have any additional information on a character write it down under their name. This will be called the Character Journal. This will be a graded assignment at the end of the play for content, worth 70 points.

d. Time 10 Min Read to the students the play up to line 19 of Act I. Call on students to ask the summary of those lines. Tell them to write down the new information in their Character Journals.

e. Time 15 Min Put the students into groups of 4. Have them read the remainder of the first scene and then have them explain to each other in the group what occurred. They will write down a summary of action and write in their C. J. the new character information.

f. Time 15 Min Call on students from the groups to jointly explain the entire scene. If it is close to the end of the period, go to H.

g. Time ? The students can remain in their groups and continue to read to the end of Act I and write in their C. J. new information.


Time 10 Min Review with the students all the summary of action and C. J. information to this point. Ask for a prediction of events. Explain to the importance of keeping a summary of the play for future use. Answer any questions.


Write on the board to Read to Act # Scene 2. Continue to fill out the C. J. and summary. Short Quiz tomorrow on the reading due


a. Progress toward objectives: By judging the survey I will know where the consensus of the class stands on their prior knowledge and their willingness to reading for this Unit. The student summary and C. J. will give the students a solid reference and memory of the events and details of the play.

b.self-evaluation: After group work and reading discussion, I will be able to see the abilities of the student majority and minority so I can better suit the needs of the students for the Shakespeare unit.

Useful Internet Resources:

Using the Internet in the computer lab, the students will navigate a site containing information on the Globe Theater and they will participate in a virtual tour of the theater

Shakespeare’s Globe

Virtual Tour of the Globe Theater