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Recognizing Symbolism and Allegory II (Part 2 of 2) Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #:AELP-LIT0017
Submitted By: Roger A. Spain
Endorsed By: Dr. Mangelsdorf
School or Affiliation: University of Texas at El Paso Date: May 8, 1996

Grade Level(s): 12


  • Language Arts/Literature


Part Two of this lesson is designed to further engage students in the examination and analysis of symbolism/allegory in literature. By sharing their respective lists with fellow classmates, students are exposed to a wide variety of both symbols and interpretations of those symbols and are, thus, more aware of the many important roles symbolism/allegory play in the literature they read.

Part Two of this lesson also allows students to participate in a collaborative and interactive environment with their fellow classmates, which can assist them in gaining a better understanding of the concepts discussed.

Materials: Lord of the Flies and student lists from Part One of this lesson

Activities and Procedures:

After checking for completion of previous day’s assignment (list of ten symbols), place students in small groups for further discussion of symbolism/allegory in the novel. In this group setting, have students come up with a group list of top ten symbols by reviewing their individual lists and selecting what they feel are the the best or most important examples of symbolism from the novel. After compiling their top ten lists, groups will share their respective lists with the class as a whole. Each group will write their top ten on the chalkboard. Class discussion will follow.

1) What are the similarities in or differences between the lists provided?

2) What common themes are represented or developed by the author’s use of these symbols?

3) What significance do these themes have in the novel?

4) What purpose do these symbols serve in the novel? What is the significance of the author’s use of symbolism/allegory in the story?

Discuss, explain, and provide further details. Again, stress the importance of symbolism in this allegorical tale; Virtually everything in the novel has more than one meaning; The novel works on many different levels. Have students turn in their individual lists at the end of class for a grade.