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Friendship Cards from Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #:AELP-LIT0007
Submitted by: Eileen Roth and Jean Burdett
Endorsed by: St. Francis High School, St. Francis, WI Date: March, 1997

Grade Level(s): 9


  • Language Arts/Literature

Overview: Making and exchanging friendship cards provide students with the opportunity to interpret Shakespeare’s language while having fun. Students who are uncomfortable with the language in Romeo and Juliet will become less hostile to it as they locate quotations and apply them to daily life.

Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to have students use the internet to locate a familiar quotation from Romeo and Juliet and to interpret that quotation by making a friendship card.


1. Students will learn to look up a site on the Internet.

2. Students will be able to choose an appropriate quotation from a friendship card.

3. Students will be able to rewrite quotes in their own words.


1. Locate an appropriate quotation using net sources such as

2. Copy the quote on the outside of a student-made friendship card.

3. Rewrite the quote on the inside of the card using today’s language.

4. Decorate/color letter friendship card and exchange it with a classmate.

Resources Needed:

1. Access to internet
2. Construction Paper
3. Art Supplies such as magic markers, stickers, buttons, ribbons, etc. . .

Tying it all together

Upon completion of the cards, students will exchange them with classmates. Volunteers will read their card aloud allowing students to gain more experience with the language. Each student will turn in the card they received so the sender will receive a grade from the instructor. The instructor can/may involve the art teacher in selecting the Award-Winning cards for display on the classroom bulletin board.