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Lesson Plan #: AELP-INT0097
Submitted by: Katherine McCarthy
Email: katherine_mccarthy@springfield.k12.pa.us
School/University/Affiliation: Springfield Middle School, Oreland, PA
Date: March 12, 1999

Grade Level(s): 8, 9, 10


  • Interdisciplinary
  • Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

Duration: 2 Week reading time outside class/5 classes with some daily homework.

Description: A multidisciplinary unit focused on biography/autobiography.


  • Identify the dream of the biography’s subject and the strategy to achieve that dream.
  • Culminating activity for Black History Month, Women’s History Month or as a part of a unit on artists, musicians, scientists, writers etc.


  • Students will be able to write meaningful dialogue.
  • Students will be able to evaluate material from several sources.
  • Students will depict what they know about the biography’s subject.

Materials: Student select biographies; Paint/construction paper/paper cups/ plastic eating untensils.


  • Students select books to be read outside of class — DON’T SELECT CELEBRITIES OR SPORTS FIGURES.
  • Students give a brief report answering Who? What? When? Where? Why? questions on their biography’s subject. Classmates take notes as these could be potential guests at their dinner party.
  • Create a Guest List:
    -no more than 6 guests at least 4
    -2 historical guests (from oral reports)
    -2 family members
    -2 friends
    -and the host
  • Write what you know about your guests and tell why you’ve invited them.
  • Plan a menu for your guests. Consulting various cookbooks, decide what you would prepare for your guests. Consider giving each dish a name related to your biography subject.
  • Using play format, write the converstion between your dinner guests. Be certain that everyone has a chance to speak and that you reveal what you know about them.
  • Create a sample place setting for your dinner party. Create a place mat, china pattern, cup decoration reflecting the motifs of your subject’s life.

Assessment: Individual parts can be graded or the entire project can be evaluated as a portfolio. Students can present the project in the form of a Science Fair, inviting other students, teachers and even their parents to appreciate their work.