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Spudnicks–A Rice-Crispy and Marshmallow Snack! Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-NUT0013
Submitted by: Tara Burns
Endorsed by: Don Descy, Mankato State University Date: February 12, 1998

Grade Level(s): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


  • Health/Nutrition


A lot of times when a child gets home from school they’re hungry, but either no one is around to get them something to eat, or they’re too busy to make something really yummy.  Children need to know how to make their own snack.  This lesson provides easy steps for a child to follow, on how to make a delicious snack called spudnicks.  This lesson will also provide teachers with an idea on how to teach it to the class.

Goal: Students will make a snack all by themselves.


Students will demonstrate the different steps to follow in assembling a snack by making their own snack in class.

Students will demonstrate taking the initiative to assemble a snack on their own by making one at home and having a parent sign a form.

Background Information:

This activity can be used with students that have a lot or little to no background in cooking and/ or preparing food.


 Students will be able to:

1.  Learn how to use easy to follow steps in assembling spudnicks.
2.  Identify that this is an activity that anyone can do, no matter what their background is.


1 box Rice Krispies

1 microwaveable bowl

2 bags of pre-wrapped caramels

1 box of toothpicks

2 bags large marshmallows

1 roll of wax paper

1 stirring spoon

1 microwave


1.  Write instructions on the board or overhead for all to observe.
2.  Bring out the materials and place them on a table in clear view.
3.  While reading objectives aloud, hold up the object to which it corresponds.
4.  Unwrap all caramels, and heat in the microwave for approximately eight minutes on a medium power, or until soft and melted. (Microwaves may vary.)
5.  Spread out a piece of 12×8  inch piece of wax paper in front of each child.
6.  Take a large marshmallow and poke a toothpick into it so it won’t fall off.
7.  Pour one cup of rice-crispies onto the center of the wax paper.
8.  Holding the toothpick, dip the marshmallow into the melted caramel.  When it is completely covered, allow to drip.
9.  Still holding the toothpick, roll the caramel covered marshmallow in the rice-crispies until covered on all sides.
10.  Allow this to dry on the wax paper for three minutes, then enjoy eating it!


1.  Ask students if they followed the instructions.
2.  Ask each student to make one spudnick while the teacher observes.
3.  Ask if they could do this on their own at home.
4.  Ask students to write the procedures down and turn them in to the teacher.