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Lesson Plan #: AELP-NUT0001
Submitted by: Cheryl L. Ashland
Endorsed by: Dr. Don E. Descy, Mankato State University Date: October 31, 1996

Grade Level(s): 4


  • Health/Nutrition


This lesson will make students more aware of the importance of a wellness lifestyle. It will also make them aware of they things the can do to develop a wellness lifestyle.


The students will understand the importance of a healthful lifestyle.


  • The students will be able to identify at least two ways that their diet affects their health.
  • The students will be able to identify at least two ways that exercise affects their health.

Background Information:

This activity will be used with the students at the fourth grade level to introduce the concept of fitness for life. The lesson will give them the chance to explore what options they have that they can do to improve their lives.


  • Relate fitness and wellness to the lifestyles that the students live.
  • The students will identify things that they can do to develop a wellness lifestyle.
  • Materials:

    Wire clothes hangers
    Colored yarn
    Colored poster board
    Paper punch


  • Talk to the students about how a healthy lifestyle will improve their lives. Give them an example of how their diet affects their health and an example of how their exercise habits affect their health.
  • Hand out all materials to the students. Have at least seven different colors of poster board for them to use.
  • With a red or pink piece of poster board have the students each cut out a heart shape and have them write their names on it; then, have them tie the heart shape from the center of the top wire on the hanger.
  • Next, have the students cut out a long rectangle that will hang directly from the bottom wire of the hanger. On this piece have them write, My Wellness Lifestyle.
  • The students will use the remaining poster board to cut out shapes that they will write an option on about what they can do to develop their wellness lifestyle. Two examples are walking, and eating fruits.
  • Assessment:

    To assess students’ comprehension have them share their mobiles with the rest of the group and tell what options they have used. After they have shared their mobile hang it up in the classroom as a reminder of the things that they can do to improve their health.