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Lesson Plan #: AELP-SPN0005
Submitted by: Kassie Hutchinson
Email: khutchinson@scoca.k12.oh.us (email address no longer valid)
School/University/Affiliation: McClain High School Date: October 12, 1999 

Grade Level(s): 1


  • Foreign Language/Spanish

Duration: one class period (45 minutes) Description: Students will learn the vocabulary for school supplies and practice using the vocabulary in partners by telling each other how to pack their backpacks.

Goals: Students will learn the vocabulary of school supplies in Spanish. The will use the new vocabulary to communicate in Spanish.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • use classroom vocabulary to tell each other what to pack in a backpack.
  • hear the word and know the meaning.
  • say the word correctly.
  • tell each other which school supplies are needed for particular subjects.
  • Materials:

    • real school supplies (pen, pencil, ruler,) etc.
    • a paper backpack for each student with cut-outs of the school supplies inside.

    Procedure: 1. The teacher will introduce the vocabulary by holding up individual items and having the class repeat after her/him.

    2. The teacher will ask simple questions about the item at hand.
    Ex: Es un libro? Es grande? Es un lapiz o boligrafo? De que color es el libro?

    3. After practicing the vocabulary, the teacher may want to write the words on the board and repeat again.

    4. The students get into pairs with their paper backpacks and supplies.

    5. One person starts with Para la clase de espanol, necesitas… and tells their partner 3 or 4 items. The other partner finds the pictures of those items and puts them in his/her backpack.

    6. After 3 or 4 items have been given, the listener takes out the items and shows them to his partner as he says the word so that his partner can check. The partners switch roles 3 times.

    7. To wrap up the class, the teacher should collect the backpacks, then hold up the real items and call on individual students to give the Spanish word for the item.


    The teacher will listen to the students as they work to listen to pronunciation and correct translation.
    The students should be able to identify the items in Spanish when called on at the end of class.