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Lesson Plan #:AELP-EDT002
Submitted by: Judith Kerns and Deborah Semler
School/University/Affiliation: Hickory Elementary School, Williamsport, MD Date: 1994

Grade Level(s): 1


  • Computer Science


  • To learn to use the computer keyboard
  • To use the word processor as an alternative to pencil and paper tasks
  • Materials:

  • One or multiple computers with access to a printer
  • Software: for keyboarding or word processing
  • Teacher-developed activities, worksheets, bulletin board, and word processing files
  • Procedures:

    Use a variety of activities to acquaint the students with the keyboard. Suggestions include:

  • Keyboard Bingo: use keyboard playing cards
  • Sticky Fingers: students toss a velcro ball at a designated key on a large replica of a computer keyboard
  • Cut and Paste Keyboard: students complete a worksheet requiring them to supply missing letters and numerals on a keyboard.
  • To teach keyboarding, word processing and related vocabulary, display a menu, shift key, space bar, and other related terms on a bulletin board display. Have students practice keyboarding using the keyboarding software. Have the students use the word processing software and teacher-developed word processing files to learn editing functions:

    • Space bar – present them with a series of numbers, letters, or words and have them use the arrow keys and space bar to move the cursor around and insert spaces as needed
    • Delete key – present them with a series of numbers, letters or words and have them use the delete key to remove the item that doesn’t belong
    • Insert key – present them with a sequence of numbers or letters with one missing and replaced by an asterisk; have students delete the asterisk and insert the missing item in the correct position.
    • Have them use word processing files to complete skill work exercises:
      • in reading – sentence completion or vocabulary review exercises
      • in spelling – unscrambling scrambled words
      • in writing – completing sentence starters

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