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Lesson Plan #: AELP-EDT0012
Submitted by: Lorraine Hofmann
Email: lorraine-hofmann@mail.seaford.ny.us
School/University/Affiliation: Seaford Harbor School Date: December 13, 1999

Grade Level: Preschool Education, Kindergarten, 1


  • Computer Science
  • Language Arts/Literature/Children’s Literature

Duration: Five 45-minute sessions Description: Students use Kid Pix to illustrate Goldilocks and the Three Bears (a culminating activity for a unit on fairy tales and Kid Pix).

Goals: Children will create a class big book of their own version of Goldilocks . Children will use Kid Pix to illustrate each page of the book.


  • Children will use brainstorming, editing, and revision to write their versions of the story.
  • Children will use Kid Pix to create pictures to illustrate each page of the story.
  • Children will use the tools of the Kid Pix program- stamps, lines, squares, color, fill, etc. Concepts of big, medium, and small will also be covered. They will use the shift and option keys to enlarge the stamp pictures for their illustrations.
  • Materials:

    • many versions of Goldilocks
    • Kid Pix
    • laminating machine
    • book binder
    • chart paper

    Procedure: Children are gathered as a whole class and plan their version of Goldilocks . The teacher writes their ideas on chart paper. These ideas are then written into story format, revised and edited as a whole class. The story is broken into pages, and each child (or pair) is given a page to illustrate. They are encouraged to use as many of the tools in Kid Pix as they can to create their pages (including the shift and shift/option keys to make the different sized objects needed for the tale). Assessment: The big book is then shared with each child’s family. Each family is encouraged to write back to the class commenting on the super job they did.