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Musical Munchies or Musical Money Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-MUS0222
Submitted by: Diane Hamilton
Email: dham75@yahoo.com
School/University/Affiliation: Enrico Fermi #17
Date: November 10, 2003

Grade Level: Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3


  • Arts/Music

Duration: 30 minutes

Description: In this lesson, students will compose a rhythm using edible materials and eat the notes if they can play them.

Goals: Students will compose a rhythm, understand elements of music (rhythm), and perform elements of music (rhythm).

Objectives: Students will compose and correctly perform a measure of 4/4 rhythm using quarter notes and eighth notes and place the notes on spaces to create a melody using do, re, mi, so, and la.


  • Skittles or M & M’s and pretzel sticks (or as an alternative: pennies and craft sticks)
  • baggies
  • laminated lines and spaces staff (or envelope marked with two-three lines)
  • overhead projector

Using the overhead as a model, show students how to lay one M & M or penny on the top line (cutting it in half) and one on the bottom line. Repeat using the other two M & M’s. Lay the craft sticks on the right side of the M & M’s to make a quarter note ta. Ask students to sing their Munchy Music! Instruct students to copy another pattern from your example and then sing it. When students are secure in singing the patterns, ask them to create one of their own and sing it. If they can sing it, they get to eat it. If they cannot sing it, help them to create one that they can sing. (Sometimes they sing something different than what they write.) Help them to see if the note goes up or down and then write what they sing, rather than just moving the notes around again and again. If students have knowledge of eighth notes, add one M & M (or penny) and two more sticks, using one across the top to make one set of eighth notes. Older students can add more notes and eighth notes. If a rest is desired, lay the stick or pretzel down to make an empty line or break a pretzel in three pieces.

Assessment: Students will form a pattern of quarter note and eighth notes with 4 beats and be able to play the rhythm using a steady beat and correct division of the rhythm. Students will sing the melody written using the correct pitches of do, re, mi, so, or la.