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“Savannah River Holiday” Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #:AELP-MUS0007
Submitted by:
John Talbott, Dixie Heights High School, Edgewood, KY
Angela Schonauer, Red Bird Mission, Beverly, KY
Peggy Burke, Lynn Camp High School, Corbin, KY Endorsed By: K. Dei Ofori-Attah, Ph.D.

Date: October 7, 1996

Grade Level(s): 9, 10, 11, 12


  • Arts/Music

Overview: Students will play through Savannah River Holiday by Ron Nelson to experience modern American music literature. Students will create a product, analyze their performance, and demonstrate diversity of form.

Purpose: To play through a hard piece of band literature that will prepare students for the Spring concert.


  1. Students will play Savannah River Holiday
  2. Students will listen to a quality recording of another band performing Savannah River Holiday.
  3. Record what they play for immediate playback.
  4. Listen to other Ron Nelson music and compare styles.


  • Savannah River Holiday by Ron Nelson; Boosey and Hawkes
  • students’ band instruments.

Procedure: Students will start the project with a warm-up activity. Student’s will play through Savannah River Holiday as a sight reading project. After sight reading is completed, sections will be rehearsed to better prepare for a performance. After sufficient rehearsal time has elapsed,we will record a performance of the band playing Savannah River Holiday. The band will then listen to their performance and give a critique based upon what they heard.

During the rehearsal stages of perfecting the music, we will listen to a quality finished product of another band playing Savannah River Holiday. Also, we will listen to other Ron Nelson band recordings to compare form and style.

Tying It All Together:

During the process of learning the music students will be graded on their demonstration of proper playing technique. Students will also demonstrate music reading abilities as well as understanding of style, balance, blend and musical form. The music director(s) for any student with special needs.