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What I Learned T-Shirt Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-COM0001
Submitted by: Donna Teigen
Endorsed by: Dr. Don E. Descy
Mankato State University Date: November 10, 1997

Grade Level(s): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  • Arts/Computers in art


To be used as a wrap-up of an instructional unit in any subject. The students will design and make their own t-shirt.  The t-shirt will read What I learned about________ is that ___________. The students may use any aspect of the unit to finish the sentence. The students will use the computer to design their shirts.

Goal: Students will demonstrate acquisition of knowledge of previous unit by finishing sentence What I learned about________ is that ___________.


  • Students will design a t-shirt.
  • Students will reflect upon unit just studied.
  • Background Information: This project may be used at a variety of grade levels.  The amount of the students’ computer experience needs to be considered. This does not mean that students who are inexperienced in the use of the computer are not eligible.  The lesson is designed for the students to review previously learned materials.  It is also designed for students to take ownership of their learning by choosing the information that they want on their shirts.


    Students will be able to:

    1.  Design their own t-shirts.
    2.  Reflect upon the unit just studied.


    • Scissors
    • Utility Muslin
    • Wonder Under (heat-fused interfacing found at fabric stores)
    • Iron
    • Ironing Board
    • Macintosh Computer
    • Claris Works Program
    • (Color) Ink Jet Printer
    • Fabric Paint or Markers (Optional)
    • T-shirts

    Procedure: Grades 4-6 start at #1.
    Grades 2-3 start at #4. (Teacher will do steps #1-3.)

    1.  Pass out muslin and wonder Under.  (Each student needs an 11 X 7 piece of each.)
    2.  With teacher supervision, students will adhere wonder under to muslin using the iron.
    3.  Keep paper backing on the wonder under.
    4.  Using the Claris Works drawing program, each student will design shirt by finishing the sentence  What I learned about __________ is that __________.
    5.  When student has finished designing the shirt, he/she will print it on a regular piece of paper.
    6.  After proof-reading the paper, the students will make any necessary corrections.
    7.  The students will print their design onto the muslin.
    8.  The students will remove the backing from the Wonder Under.
    9.  With teacher supervision, the students will iron their muslin onto their t-shirt.
    10.  The students may add more decoration using fabric paints and markers.
    11.  If a color printer was unavailable, students may add color with use of fabric paints and markers.

    Assessment: The teacher will assess through observation.