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Egyptian Cartouche Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-ARH0012
Submitted by: Judith Beaudoin
Email: judith_beaudoin@hotmail.com
School/University/Affiliation: Trois-Saisons , Terrebonne, Qc, Canada Date: September 28, 1998 

Grade Level(s): 6, 7, 8


  • Arts/History

Duration: Two-50 minute periods

Description: Students create their own Egyptian Cartouche with clay using Hieroglyphics

To introduce students to cultural artifacts
To enable students to develop a sense of symbolism

Objectives: To introduce students to the clay medium.

Materials: Clay, toothpicks


1. Introduce the historical features of the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
2. Explain how the cartouche is done.
3. Ask students to create their own design of a cartouche. They can use real hieroglyphic symbols or create their own.
4. Once the student’s cartouche is finished, they can be fired in a kiln.
5. Assemble a yarn so that students can wear their cartouche as a pendant.

Use African or Asian designs.
Make a pot using Egyptian symbols to depict a story.