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Macaroni Skeleton Art Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan #: AELP-ARA0023
Submitted by: Maryanne Williams
Endorsed by: Dr. Don Descy
Mankato State University Date: March 1, 1998

Grade Level(s): 3, 4, 5


  • Arts/Visual Arts


Students who have studied the bones and other parts of their bodies may have a hard time remembering the names of muscles, bones or joints. This exercise is a fun and exciting way to get the students involved and help learn the bones, muscles and joints.


To make a skeleton out of different shapes of pasta and to know the bones, muscles and joints of the human body.

Background Information:

This activity could be adapted to any subject with a variety of media used.


1.  Students will be able to write 5 bone names and know the location of the five.
2.  Students will be able to point out 2 different types of joints including the name and where they are on their skeleton.
3.  Students will be able to list 2 out of the three muscle groups.
4.  Students will make a Pasta Skeleton out of pasta that resembles a human being.


  • Five cups of different shape pasta (ex. elbow, bow tie, and spiral).
  • Pre-cut cardboard cut in rectangles about 9 x 12
  • Black construction paper the size of the cardboard
  • White glue
  • Brushes
  • Black poster paint Procedure:

    1.  Before making the skeleton there should be a review of the parts of the body, including bone size and where it is located.
    2.  Show each shape noodle and ask class what bone or muscle the noodle could be used for.

    3.  Students then paint their cardboard black.

    4.  Students then start putting together a skeleton with the pasta using construction paper underneath.

    5.  When skeleton is completed use white glue with the paint brush to glue each piece of macaroni on to the cardboard.

    6.  After skeleton is made, students will be asked to write on another sheet of paper 5 bones and where
    they are located on the body,  2 joints with an example of a joint, and list two of the three muscle groups.


    1.  Ask about the macaroni skeleton and how it relates to a human body.

    2.  Hand in the sheet with the bones, joints and muscles on it and ask about the difference between a bone and muscle and have students point out bones on their personal piece.

    Useful Internet Resource:
    Gander Academy – Systems of the Body