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Lesson Plan #:AELP-ARA0010
Submitted by: Amy M. McGuire
Endorsed by: Don Descy, Mankato State University Date: October 29, 1996

Grade Level(s): 5


  • Arts/Visual Arts
  • Arts/Process Skills

Description: Monster Art is lesson that is based on the book titled Where The Wild Things Are , by Maurice Sendak. The children can create monsters using chalk and black construction paper, but they do not have to draw the blood and guts! This lesson could be used around Halloween or any time.


The students will know how to use chalk to draw a monster while using their imagination.


  • The students will design a monster that is not bloody or gory, based on the book, Where the Wild Things Are , by Maurice Sendak.  
  • The students will illustrate a monster using chalk on black construction paper, within the time allowed for art.
  • Background Information: Remind the students that Halloween is coming up and we would like to decorate our hallway with monsters. For the art lesson we will be watching a video about monsters. Ask the students if they have read the book Where the wild Things Are , written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Tell them we are going to watch the video so we will have some idea how to draw our monsters.

    Concepts covered in lesson:

    The objective of this art lesson is to have the students create a monster to decorate the hallway for Halloween. Maurice Sendak created monsters that–roared their terrible roars, gnashed their terrible teeth, and showed their terrible claws. However, they all had smiles on their faces. This book is an excellent way to show children they can make monsters and they do not have to show blood and gore.


    • Book: Where the Wild Things Are .By Maurice Sendak
    • Video: Where the Wild Things Are . Based on the book by Maurice Sendak.  Produced by Weston Woods in 1973. Time–8 min. and 12 sec.
    • Colored chalk
    • Media Mixer
    • Black Construction Paper
    • Hair spray


  • Have the book available for the children to see, but I would not encourage the students to copy the pictures.  Let them be creative.
  • Show the video Where the Wild Things Are , based on the book by Maurice Sendak.
  • Ask the students what they noticed about the video?
  • The monsters had smiles. They had bright colors. Etc.
  • In the front of the class hold up a piece of black paper, tell the students to make the monster as big as the paper is. They may want to draw a rough sketch on a piece of scratch paper. (I would suggest a time limit because the students may spend too much time on this.)
  • Show the students that they can blend the chalk colors or for a brighter look they can leave the lines dark. The students may want to use a tissue (or their fingers) to blend two colors together.
  • When the students are ready to use the chalk have them put a little dab of media mixer on their hands so the chalk will wash off easily.
  • Have the students start drawing as soon as they can so the images from the video are still fresh, in their memory. Encourage them to make their monsters friendly.
  • Assessment: The students will display the monsters in the hall for other students to see. A creative title can be added and written in a wavy line so it is Wild.

    Ex: Wild Things I Think I Love You!

    When they are hanging up, I will assess the students’ work to see if they have designed a friendly monster, and make sure they have all used the supplies provided for them.