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Internet Sites:

• National Survey of Latinos: Education (January 2004)
A summary of the findings of a survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and The Kaiser Family Foundation.

• Status and Trends in the Education of Hispanics
“Hispanics have made gains in several key education areas in the past 20 years, but despite these gains, gaps in academic performance between Hispanic and non-Hispanic White students remain. [This report] examines the current condition and recent trends in the educational status of Hispanics in the United States.”

• Transforming Education for Hispanic Youth: Exemplary Practices, Programs, and Schools
By Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood and Walter G. Secada, University of Wisconsin-Madison
National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education Resource Collection Series, No. 12, January 1999 (114 pages)
Full text online in HTML and PDF formats

• Migrant Education Technology and Curriculum Resources

• Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents
This website can be viewed in English or Spanish.

• ERIC Digest – Latinos in School: Some Facts and Findings (2001)

• ERIC Digest – Hispanic-American Students and Learning Style (1996)

• ERIC Digest – The Education of Latino Students: Is School Reform Enough? (1997)

• ERIC Digest – Latina High School Leaving: Some Practical Solutions (1998)


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