Information Institute of Syracuse

Link Policy

The links and pointers on this site are compiled and updated by Educator's Reference Desk partners. When choosing Internet resources for this collection, we follow eight helpful criteria.
  • Authority: Who created the site and what are their credentials?
  • Affiliation: Who provided the information? Can I link to the homepage? Is the information biased by the provider affiliation?
  • Content: Is there content or is it an advertisement? Is the information objective? Is it helpful? Is it easy to follow or navigate?
  • Purpose: Is it a personal homepage, an advocacy site, a business/marketing site, a news site, or an informational site?

  • Audience: Who is this resource geared toward; teachers, students, etc? Is the information appropriate for its intended audience?

  • Currency: How old is the information? When was the page created or last updated?

  • Comparisons: How does the information compare to other electronic and print sources? Is it accurate and well written?

  • Cost: Is the information freely accessible? Or, must the user pay a fee before viewing the content?