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    Language Arts

    EduRef Lesson Plans | Archived Responses | Internet Sites | Online Communities | Organizations

    EduRef Lesson Plans:

    * Language Arts
    Lesson plans written by education students and teachers and submitted to AskERIC for inclusion on our website.

    Archived Responses:

    * Do you have any research on effective practices for teaching handwriting? Handwriting/handwriting.html

    Internet Sites:

    * Read, Write, Think
    The International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, and MarcoPolo present lessons, standards and web resources related to language arts education.

    * Standards for the English Language Arts
    This site lists the 12 standards sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association. There is also a link to background information on the standards project.

    * Educational Standards and Curriculum Frameworks for English/Language Arts
    A collection of resources with information on national and state english/language arts standards.

    * Engaging Students in the Disciplines of English: What are Successful Schools Doing?
    This article addresses ways to keep students interested in literature, composition, and language study.

    * Guidelines for Teaching Middle and High School Students to Read and Write Well
    "These guidelines draw upon a report by Judith Langer, in which she discusses her findings based on research in 25 schools in 4 states. This booklet is designed for middle and high school teachers and administrators who wish to improve their English programs." Available as a pdf document.

    * Traci's List of Tens
    "The Lists of Ten are writing assignments, classroom activities, and teaching strategies for middle, secondary, and college teachers. In addition to classroom-ready assignments and activities, you'll find teaching tips, pedagogical guidelines, administrative pointers."

    * SCORE (Schools of California On-Line Resources For Education)
    Language Arts Links quality resources from the World Wide Web to the California curriculum frameworks. Designed with the classroom teacher in mind, SCORE sites allow teachers to quickly identify and access resources that are classroom ready.

    * English/Language Arts Education
    This site organized by the Michigan Teacher Network contains descriptions of over 500 Internet sites on English/Language Arts education.

    * Web English Teacher
    A collection of language arts resources, including "lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities."

    * FREE: Language Arts
    A collection of online education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government.

    * Handwriting for Kids
    Includes worksheets for students learning manuscript and cursive writing.

    * Virtual Presentation Assistant
    Online public speaking tutorial.

    Online Communities:

    * High School English Chatboard at
    This forum is dedicated to discussions of issues related to teaching High School English, from composition and style to grammar and technical writing.

    * Reading/Writing Chatboard at
    This forum is dedicated to discussions of issues related to teaching reading and writing, from early literacy through advanced style and composition.


    * National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
    Comprehensive site includes English and Language arts standards, teaching ideas and resources, integrating language arts, technology in the curriculum, parent/community resources, and more.
    11 W. Kenyon Road
    Urbana, IL  61801-1096
    Tel:  800/369-6283
    Fax: 217/328-9645

    * Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA)
    Provides information on what elements of curriculum, instruction, & assessment are essential to developing high literacy & how schools can best help students achieve success.
    School of Education, University at Albany
    1400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12222
    Tel: 518/442-5026
    Fax: 518/442-5933

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