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    Internet Sites

    Internet Sites:

    * The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
    "The manifestation of one of the most influential modern educational theories, the 6,900 entries in this major new reference work form the touchstone of what it means to be not only just a literate American but an active citizen in our multicultural democracy."

    * A Lexicon of Learning
    Ever wondered what educators mean when they refer to "authentic assessment" or "Bloom's Taxonomy"? ASCD's online resource, A Lexicon of Learning, provides clear definitions of educational terms in everyday language.

    * Education Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Includes links to 37 different glossaries of educational terms, covering topics such as distance education, financial aid, and playground slang.

    * Almanacs/Factbooks/Handbooks & Related Reference Tools
    A collection of reference resources compiled by Gary D. Price, MLIS at George Washington University.

    * The Glossarist
    A searchable directory of online glossaries.

    "A comprehensive and authoritative portal for language & language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages."

    * Biography Resources
    A collection of online resources with biographical information. College_and_Research_Libraries_News/Back_Issues__2002/January/ Biography_Resources.htm

    "Provides quick and easy access to detailed publication information including, titles, formats, publisher addresses, editor contacts, circulation data, and ISSN numbers."

    * - Quotations
    "Combines the best of both contemporary and classic quotations collections into a searchable database of over 86,000 entries, the largest of its kind ever compiled." Includes Bartlett's, Columbia World of Quotations, and Simpson's Contemporary Quotations.

    * The Quotations Page
    Search ten Internet quotation archives by keyword or author, or browse an author index.

    A searchable collection of Internet resources covering all academic subject areas and cataloged according to Dewey Decimal Classification.

    * Librarian's Index to the Internet
    "A searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 7,900 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. It's meant to be used by both librarians and non-librarians as a reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources."

    * The Internet Public Library - Pathfinders
    This site includes pathfinders to help users begin research in a variety of subject areas.

    * Refdesk
    A collection of online reference resources.

    * KnowPlay? Reference Search
    A collection of online searchable reference resources.

    * Babel Fish Translation
    Find yourself wishing a website had been written in another language? Type the URL into Babel Fish for an approximate, computer-generated translation.

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